Anuvrat Movement

Launched by Acharya Tulsi on March 1949, the Anuvrat Movement is totally non-sectarian and involves people of all castes and religions. The Sumermal Jain Public School believes in the guiding principles of this exemplary movement, which in the words of Dr. S.Radhakrishnan, the former President of India, ‘banishes spiritual drought and torpor of the soul’

The Students Anuvrats (Small Voluntary Commitments) are:

  • Not to resort to unfair means in examinations.
  • Not to take part in violent agitation and destructive activities.
  • Not to use obscene language, nor read pornographic literature nor see obscene movies.
  • Not to use intoxicants.
  • Not to resort to unethical practices in elections.
  • Not to cut any tree.
  • Endeavour to stop all sorts of pollution.