The Difference

Enjoying Being different………..

  • SMJPS is different because it puts state –of-the-art and complete infrastructure at the disposal of the entire cross-section of students: from the under privileged, marginalized and differently abled, to the exceptional and the brilliant.
  • It is different because it encourages creativity and the arts as much as it does the Sciences and commerce.
  • It is different because it understands that every child is different.
  • It is different because it celebrates the nation as well as the world through its multi-disciplined curriculum, its Indian and international affiliations and its memberships and associations.
  • It has a set of young visionary minds at the helm.
  • It’s different because we do not ask ‘why’ but ‘why not’
  • It’s different because for us today is not just today; for us today is a challenge for tomorrow.