About The Chairman- Mr. K.L.Jain

The Lamplighter Leaves A Trail…………

Sumermal Jain Public School is a son’s tribute to his great father. Mr. K.L.Jain, is the chairman of Sumermal Jain Educational and Welfare Society (Regd.), New Delhi. He established this school in 1987 to impart quality education without any commercial interest.


An industrialist, who has an International presence and is the founder Chairman of KLJ Group, His societal interests are manifold, takes a keen interest in education, social issues, history, culture and religion.

Whatever sphere of life it may be, his focus is always on quality and excellence fortified with ethical values. He believes in continuous and rapid progress of India so that it becomes one of the most developed countries of the world.

His dedication to the school knows no bounds. He has steadily evolved it into a beautiful institution with latest infrastructure and innumerable student-friendly facilities.

However, he believes that what counts more than the infrastructure and material assets is the human potential which should be realized to an optimal degree, aptly blended with scientific techniques and spiritual codes. Above all, he wants knowledge and skills to be productive rather than ornamental and to be effectively applied in all spheres of personal and social life.

He wants students to be national contributors and global players. With the above-mentioned mission and vision in his mind, he would love the school to be counted amongst the most distinguished centres of learning both at National and International plane.