About The Principal- Dr. Racchna Saddi

Our Principal……… The Trail Blazer

Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts into action. Having proved herself as a worthy Principal of SMJPS Dr. Racchna Saddi’s role is to be the ultimate inspirer, to dream the ultimate dreams, to see the vision, and to impart that vision to others. SumermalShe is the epitome of the essence and spirit of SMJPS. Her tireless efforts, sheer resilience, quest for innovation, excellent managerial skills and her indomitable determination have lent credibility to SMJPS as an institution of excellence. She had a dream to way back in 1990 to contribute her bit to the young generation and inspire them. Hence she started on her journey in the field of education. With one and a half decades of rich experience behind her, she has gone through the grind by beginning her career as an Asstt. Teacher and went up the hard way on the ladder with portfolios such as Primary Academic Supervisor, HOD (Eng), and finally the Principal.

With a library of knowledge, decades of experience, innumerable innovations in the educational field. Dr. Racchna Saddi basks in the humble glory of her achievements very modestly by being popularly known as “the kind hearted disciplinarian” As a Principal she strongly feels- “Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains.” The way to development is through purposeful activity initiated by changing trends. Her aspirations are far away in the sunshine and feels that even if she can’t reach them each time, she wants to lookup and see them, believe them and would try to follow where they lead.