About The Treasurer- Ms. Sonali Jain

OUR TREASURER………igniting young minds

“Education is more than schooling and acquiring knowledge. It teaches us how to think, dispel ignorance and enrich our lives:.


In this ever-changing global society, the role of a school is not just pursuing academic excellence but inspiring and empowering students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of this society.

She believes in providing an enriching atmosphere to students so that they become multifaceted and multi-talented. Children are encouraged to channelise their potential in a holistic student centric environment so as to nurture their talents.

Her mission is shaping young impressionable minds, enabling them to develop in a stimulating environment. Her desire is that the students who pass out from here leave an indelible mark not only at National level but also at an International platform.

The students are encouraged to develop critical thinking and learning through enquiry and reasoning. Apart from academics, moral values and social ethics are also inculcated in the students. They are encouraged to take ownership of their choices and to set goals and realize their own potential. For this purpose distinctive academic programmes are devised time and again and modifications made according to changing times.

An experienced team of academicians in school strive hard in providing education that is internationally acceptable and blended well with rich cultural traditions and core values.

As the treasurer of this progressive institution, her mission is to ignite the spark of creativity and curiosity in students and build a society of individuals who will contribute to the advancement and development of the community.