We Offer

Information Technology

The school is equipped with a state of art Computer lab. Every classroom is on LAN with ready access to high speed internet through a central server and wi-fi. Every class makes use of this facility as a teaching aid in order to come across to the students on a variety of subjects. All students are exposed to the individual working of the computer, available in the hardware and networking lab.

The school’s website is very informative, user friendly interactive and parents can communicate through it. Every student has a login ID and password. Student’s information can be accessed by parents on line.


The school’s never centre for self-improvement and the hub of knowledge seekers is stocked with a large number of books, audio-video CD’s, journals and periodicals covering a wide range of subjects that are of interest to the students and faculty. The serene and cozy ambience of the library, is a retreat for all the students to read, research or simply browse through an enormous collection.


The school has fully equipped operational laboratories which incorporate the latest concepts and specifications for practical work. The Mathematics Lab is set up in order to inculcate interest in the subject, relate it to life and understand the basics. The school has all the laboratories to make the learning-teaching process more effective, interesting and enjoyable.

Parent-Teacher Interaction

The school believes in tuning up with the parents to fulfill its mission. The participation of parents in such meeting and functions is deeply appreciated.